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pabx server from green future computers

Why PABXin Dubai

PABX is a wonderful technology and PABX helps to increase employee productivity while communicating each other. PABX helps to communicate each other in same office with wonder full features. PABX is an essential part in almost all offices in dubai, abu dhabi, sharjah and ajman. PABX is widely deployed in Dubai and companies have awareness of the importance of having pabx in their office.

How PABX Works in Dubai

PABX recievs call from outside like etisalat or du and distribute through different phones. it can accommodate outside line from one to many as pabx capacity. you can configure pabx to ring all phones when calls coming from outside. other wise you can configure pabx to ring only specific PABX connected phones.

PABX Components in Dubai

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