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Green Desktop Desktop virtualization in Dubai

Desktop Virtualization Solution will help us to reduce Desktop Costs up to 50%. Desktop Virtualization Solution help us to reduce Desktop Management time and cost. If a company plans to upgrade their old Desktop OS to New OS with Office, Multimedia and other application for 100 computers, Normally it will take months, but you can do it in two or three hours with Desktop virtualization. If an employee pc is corrupted, normally it will take almost one day to restore, But with Desktop Virtualization it will take few minutes only. You can access your desktop from anywhere any device. This option gives lots of new possibilities for companies.

We do Citrix Desktop Virtualization, VMware Desktop Virtualization and RedHat Desktop Virtualization in UAE.

Citrix XenDesktop Desktop virtualization in Dubai

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VMware Horizon SuiteDesktop virtualization in Dubai

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RedHat Desktop virtualization in Dubai

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Desktop Virtualization, Cisco & Citrix in Dubai

VMware Horizon Suite in Dubai

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