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How CCTV System Works

CCTV Solution includes recorder and video end points. DVR/NVR is using for Video recording and controll. DVR is using Direct camera cctv solutiom and NVR is using for Netwrok Camera management and recording

4 channel cctv DVR/NVR Security camera systemin Dubai, sharjah, abudhabi, ajman

4 channel cctv camera system in dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman

4 channel camera security system contains recorder cum controller which can support maximum four cameras. It allows us to access from single screen which will allow live view and play back recorded videos. It is very useful for home and office purpose.

8 channel cctv DVR/NVR Security camera systemin Dubai, sharjah, abudhabi, ajman

8 channel cctv camera system in dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman

8 channel camera security system contains recorder cum controller which can support maximum eight cameras. It allows us to access 8 cameras from single screen which will allow live view and play back recorded videos. It is very useful for office, home and warehouse surveillance purpose.

16 channel cctv DVR/NVR Security camera systemin Dubai, sharjah, abudhabi, ajman

16 channel cctv camera system in dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman

16 channel camera security system contains recorder with controller which can support maximum sixteen cameras. It allows us to manage from single screen which will allow live view and play back videos. It is widely used soltuion in home, office, schools, buildings and warehouses in dubai, sharjah, abudhabi, ajman

24 channel cctv DVR/NVR Security camera systemin Dubai, sharjah, abudhabi, ajman

24 channel cctv camera system in dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman

24 channel camera security installation system includes recorder with controller which can connect maximum twenty four cameras. It connects all security cameras to single point of management and allows to live view and play back. It is widely used soltuion in home security, office surveillance, building and warehouse monitoring in dubai, sharjah, abudhabi, ajman

32 channel cctv DVR/NVR Security camera systemin Dubai, sharjah, abudhabi, ajman

32 channel cctv camera system in dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman

32 channel camera security system contains recorder with controller which can support thirty two cameras.

64 channel cctv DVR/NVR Security camera systemin Dubai, sharjah, abudhabi, ajman

64 channel cctv camera system in dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman

64 channel camera security system contains recorder with controller which can support maximum sixty four cameras.

CCTV Systems Provider Video Qualtiy

Coaxial cable cctv system video technologies improved to support 4k resolution image quality. And it is available for cheaper price.

Hikvision 5 mega pixel (2592(H)*1944(V)) TurboHD CCTV security camera in Dubai

This is the highest video resolution quality co-axial camera in Dubai market. It can support upto 5 mega pixel qualtiy. It will support 2592 * 1944 resolution. And this is hikvision hd-tvi technology.

Dahua 4 Mega Pixel (2560 (H) x 1440 (V)) HDCVI CCTV Security camera in Dubai

4 mega pixel quality over co-axial will give you more than enough quality to your home, office or warehouses. it will 2560 * 1440 resolution video quality. It is highly deployed camera quality in UAE, especially in dubai

Hikvision 1 mega pixel (1296(H)x732(V)) TurboHD CCTV security camera in Dubai

This is very basic model in HD Coaxial Technologies. This camera is cheapest range in HD camera .

Hikvision 2 mega pixel (1920(H)*1080(V)) TurboHD CCTV security camera in Dubai

This is the FullHD and most widely using cameras. It is most preferable camera in UAE .

Gfc cctv 1080p


Dahua CCTV in Dubai

Gfc Multiview cctv promo

Dahua is one of new brand in UAE and Which has wide variety of product range Which Include better HD Cameras powered by HD-CVI Technologies. Dahua is the competitor of Hikvision. Dahua has decent client softeare for android, apple ios, apple and windows laptops.

Hikvision CCTV in Dubai

Gfc hikvison cctv promo

Hikvision is One of finest reliable CCTV Security Camera Brand in Dubai. It is strong competitor of Sony and Samsung. Hikvision camera quality exceptional. Unfortunately one of the main prejudice of Hikvision is cheap quality because of Chinese origin.

Samsung CCTV in Dubai

Gfc samsung security promo

Samsung is one of the major brand in CCTV Camera industry in Dubai. Many business opt Samsung because of their brand and quality. Samsung has wide range of IP and Analogue Cameras. HD-SDI CCTV Camera solutions also Available from Samsung

CCTV Technology

IP CCTV security camera in Dubai

IP CCTV systems stream video signal through Normal IP Network. One of the key quality of IP Camera is picture quality. This technology gives very high quality than normal analog cctv cameras. IP CCTV Camera Systems supports 720p, 960p, 1080p, 2048p, 4mp, 6mp and more resolutions.

HD-TVI CCTV Security camera in Dubai

HDTVI based Turbo HD technology dedicated to boost all aspects of coaxial HD Output, which makes better HD equipment and device with adaptive access adaptive, and more intelligent system. The emergence of the new technology will effectively end many pending issues of the current coaxial HD devices.

HD-CVI CCTV security camera in Dubai

HD Composite video Interface is an coaxial HD video transmission cctv technology. it adopts new progressive scan cmos image sensor and analog signal modulation and to create 720p and 1080p video output. Also it can carry control signal, video and audio on same co-axial cable.

HD-SDI CCTV security camera in Dubai

HD serial Digital Interface Camera systems are able to record video footage at 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). HD-SDI system is oldest technology which uses to transfer digital signal over coaxial cable. And It is one of major draw back is the requrment of good quality cables and lesser Distance.

HD-AHD CCTV security camera in Dubai

Analog High Definition technology is able to transmit HD video signal existing analog cable upto 500 meters; The adoption of advanced Y/C signal differentiation and analog signal filtering technology will effectively reduce the color noise on high frequency area with high quality videos.

Analog CCTV in Dubai

Analog CCTV is oldest technology and It is most selling technology in the market. It is cheaper than any other cctv security camera technology in the market. But its main disadvantages is that lower quality output and you need seperate cables for video, audio and Control signals.

Fisheye security camera in Dubai

Fisheye Cameras is very innovative type of cameras and its main advantage is that it allows 180 degree angle view which means all directions view.

People Counting Cameras in Dubai

People Counting cameras will do two job simultaneously which is surveillance and people counting. It will very helpful and extra added security.

Camera Types

Box CCTV Camera cctv in Dubai

Gfc box cctv promo

Box CCTV Camera were widely used for monitoring cash counters and general indoor premises. And it removable lens gives us better zooming options

Dome CCTV Camera cctv in Dubai

Gfc dome camera cctv promo

Dome CCTV Camera is suitable for false ceiling type scenarios, because it will sit in ceiling and hide all cables. And it will keep the beauty of interior

Bullet CCTV Camera cctv in Dubai

Gfc bullet promo

Bullet CCTV Camera is suitable for outdoor conditions and it is capable to survive hot and cold conditions. And wide variety of bullet cameras available

PTZ CCTV Camera in Dubai

Gfc box cctv promo

PTZ CCTV Camera is capable for 360 degree PAN, Tilt and Zooming. It will help us to view the object by focusing and zooming. But it is expensive than normal camera

IR CCTV Day/Night Camera in Dubai

Gfc dome camera cctv promo

IR CCTV Camera is especially designed for night viewing. Almost All companies choosing IR cameras, because of night view as almost day like clarity.

Zooming CCTV Camera in Dubai

Gfc bullet promo

Zooming CCTV Camera Comes with optical zooming capacity. There different models. manual zoom and motorized zoom option available.

Wireless CCTV Camera cctv in Dubai

Gfc wireless cctv promo

Wireless CCTV Camera uses Wireless Technology. It is very useful when it is difficult to pull wires. But you have to pull wire for power

NPR Camera cctv in Dubai

Gfc dome camera cctv promo

NPR camera is using to recognize Number plates of vehicles and stores more information about vehicles. it is very usable in parking scenarios.

Pin hole CCTV Camera in Dubai

Gfc Pin Hole Camera promo

Pin hole camera is hidden camera and it will allow us to monitor through just a pin hole. But it is banned in UAE because of privacy concern.

Face Recognition CCTV Camera in Dubai

Gfc face recognition camera promo

Face Recognition camera is the beauty of CCTV Camera Security system because it can detect the face. It adds an extra layer of security

Heat Map CCTV Camerain Dubai

Gfc Heat camera cctv promo

HeatMap camera shows people concentration or congestion or busy area. Show Rooms and Retail outlets can benefits from this technology

Behavioural CCTV Camera in Dubai

Gfc Behavioural camera promo

Behavioural CCTV Camera catches abnormal behaviours of persons and sends alarms or notifications. This functions very useful to prevent theft.

CCTV Recording System

DVR in Dubai

Gfc DVR promo

DVR System is Analogue Camera video Recording System and it comes in different models like 4 channel, 8 channel and 16 channels. It will allow us to manage cameras through ip network. It provides live video and play back directly or remote through client software. it allows to view videos through internet.

NVRin Dubai

Gfc dome camera cctv promo

Network video Recorders function is to record the video output of all IP Cameras. It is coming with different models like different hard disk interface capacity, Raid Level, Channel capacity upto 64. There are models of 4 channel, 8 channel, 16 channel and 32 channels. it is also allows remote live view and playback as DVR.

HVRin Dubai

Gfc bullet promo

Hybrid Recording System can record analogue and ip camera video outputs simultaneously. It is very useful when we have to use low quality and high quality cameras. Its Camera Recording Capacity will differ on proportion of IP and analogue cameras. It functions also same for remote viewing like DVR.

CCTV Management Softwares

Central Management Software for CCTV Camera in Dubai

Gfc CCTV CMS Software promo

CMS software connect to more than one DVR or cameras and allows to view all cameras from one central screen. It requires a pc with supporting configurations.

video Analytic Softwarefor CCTV Camera in Dubai

Gfc IP video Analytic software promo

video Analytic Software analyse CCTV cameras videos frame by frame and produce detailed report which includs heat maps, motion detection and more features

Client Software for PC, tabs and mobilesin Dubai

Gfc cctv client promo

Client Software is allowing to view cctv security camera videos from mobile and computers. Softwares are available to connect from android, iphone ios, windows phone and black berry.

Unified Security Management Softwarein Dubai

Gfc unfied security center promo

Unified security management software helps to manage cctv security cameras, access control and alarm systems altogether. And It will reduce extra managing overhead.

Selecting Best CCTV Solutions

CCTV cameras is not only to see rough view on lower resolution. but to view clear our premises clear picture. High quality solutions is best and future proof. more that you will get a clear idea of incident with face clarity. Some clients prefers lower quality solutions for price reduction.

Customized CCTV Solutions

CCTV Camera Solutions for Home

 cctv camera system solutions for homes and villas in dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman

Professionally Installed CCTV Packages for the Home provide prevention of theft and robbery . many home people are using it to gather facts against antisocial behaviours in dubai. there are many case reported in dubai about baby abuse. Professionally installed cctv system allows us monitor our home from remote via mobile or laptop. It is very ideal to install CCTV in our home.

CCTV Camera Solutions for Office

 cctv camera system solutions for offices in dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman

CCTV system will bring better office culture and increase efficiency of employees. We can asses our employees integrity. Some employees is working only when boss is present. CCTV will be installed in good offices and it will give us clear picture of bad and good employees. Fixing camera in reception will increase client satisfaction

CCTV Camera Solutions for Groceries

 cctv camera system solutions for groceries and food stuffs in dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman

Shoplifting and other type of theft is major issue of Groceries and it grabes lots of money from our business. We can utilize modern CCTV Technologies to prevent retail theft. covering cashier area with Cash counter Camera is normal in dubai now. Dome camera is also using to cover inside grocery. Bullet cameras is using to cover outside area and doors.

CCTV Camera Solutions for SuperMarkets

 cctv camera system solutions for supermarkets in dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman

CCTV is very common in almost all supermarkets in Dubai, UAE. because It is very essential. Shoplifters are common issue to all supermarkets, and CCTV is able to deterr and catch them. CCTV is professionally installed not only to prevent shoplifters, but to monitor staff, bad behaviours like violance, abuse, miss managment and so on.

CCTV Camera Solutions for Shops

 cctv camera system solutions for shops in dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman

CCTV Camera installations in retail shops can prevent Shopliftings, employee thefts, Sweetheartings, flash rob thefts, Organized retail crimes and so on. Watching employees remotely is good and it will make sure that everything is running perfect. CCTV is really very good solution to manage retail industry without any hassle. And golden part of CCTV solution is that recalling what was happened in past.

CCTV Camera Solutions for Hotels

 cctv camera system solutions for hotels in dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman

CCTV surveillance system getting popular by ensuring safety and security atmosphere for the hotel guests and employees. Now a days, most of the hotels concentrating on increasing guest experience. Guests and their belongings protection is main concern and CCTV system for hotel answers Guests security concerns. Many hotels upgrading their old analogue CCTV systems to new HD over co-ax technology.

CCTV Camera Solutions for Warehouses

 cctv camera system solutions for warehouses in dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman

CCTV installation in Warehouses is must thing in Dubai. CCTV Cameras will help to monitor stock items and its managment. CCTV will help to identify damages to stock items and how it happened. surveillance systems will help to prevent mismanagement and bad behaviour of employees in warehouses.

CCTV Camera Solutions for Open Yards

 cctv camera system solutions for open yards  in dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman

Open area storage is common in Dubai, Especially in Metal and brick industry. It is easy to rob from open yards. We can prevent it by placing cctv systems at our open yards. CCTV placement in entance of the yard and in office will increase efficiency of employees, thus increase profits.

CCTV Camera Solutions for schools and nursery

 cctv camera system solutions for nurseries and schools in dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman

Most of the parents are insisting to place CCTV in nurseries and allow them to watch their kids from remote. It will give peace of mind to parents and managements. CCTV camera helps to review the past incidents and solves issues. CCTV camera system for schools, universities, tutions centers are also very essential in dubai

CCTV Camera Solutions for Buildings

 cctv camera system solutions for buildings  in dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman

Placing CCTV camera in buildings is very ideal and safe. It will give safety and security to tenants. Most of the dubai buildings are now under CCTV surveillance. CCTV camera installation at car parking area, entrance, reception, corridor and other important place is very commen in almost every buildings in dubai

Major reasons to install cctv camera in your Business

CCTV security systems are very essential for all type businesses, whether you have an office of many employees or own a local saloon. CCTV Security cameras are one of the very best think to make sure commercial security for your business. But why you need to install a Security Surveillance System in dubai?. Aren’t they complicated and expensive to operate? Aren’t they only meant for banks, exchanges and super markets? there are some things you should know about CCTV security Surveillance Systems, which will clear all your misconceptions and convince you to get one installed in your business as soon as possible.

1. CCTV systems are best deterrent: appearance of CCTV cameras on your business premises is enough to scare off most intruders and make them to rethink before rushing in. It is especially good for small medium businesses because they are most targeted by robbers and theives. if your business is in a high crime area, sometimes even occure during day. CCTV are the perfect impediment for thieves, robbers and other intruders who look on harming you and your business.

2. Surveillance Systems aren’t costly or complex: CCTV surveillance systems are neither costly nor hard to maintain and operate . Many of the best companies and websites that sell CCTV security systems in dubai send engineers to install and teach their customers on using it. CCTV Camera system price is not as much as people think, with good quality, good resolution CCTV cameras available in dubai, sharja, abu dhabi with price ranges which are suitable even for home, villa or apartments.

3. They are impassable: Intruding a premises or business area under CCTV security system surveillance by passing from the CCTV cameras can only happen in movies, not in reality. A well planned CCTV system is practically intruder proof, with multiple cameras watching each others’ blind areas plus monitoring the most vulnerable areas on your premises and business. Experianced cctv camera companies send down technicians for site survey on customers’ site or business space to advise them on the suitable CCTV setup.

4. CCTV systems enable You with Remote Surveillance: CCTV Surveillance is the best way to monitor our home, office, apartments, warehouses and yards in real time. Hikvision and Dahua is providing best remote monitoring software for CCTV. even you use apple laptop, you will get program to CCTV remote monitoring. Most of the CCTV brands are providing monitor software for Apple IOS smart phones, Android smart phones and Windows PCs.

5. It is essential: The most important factor of CCTV surveillance system is important to business is simply because your premises have vulnerable points like high security spaces where critical information is stored, or cash counters for clear reasons. CCTV surveillance systems enables us to monitor these areas and it will be protected at all times and it also providing you proof, if something go wrong.

6.CCTV will increase employees produtivity and efficiency by preventing bad behaviour and working culture.

CCTV in Dubai

CCTV or surveillance solution is the important aspect of Dubai Economy. The Dubai government acknowledged The necessity of securing environments with CCTV solutions which will prevent crimes and other anti social threats. CCTV monitors day to day activities and records the video as archive to examine what was happening. The CCTV solution helps police and other security force to track the crime with solid evidence.

CCTV is a very demanding solution in Dubai. But companies facing difficulties to choose best CCTV solutions in Dubai. GreenFuture CCTV experts in Dubai design best CCTV solution for its customers. Greenfuture years of expertise in CCTV field will help us to design best CCTV solution for its customers in dubai.

CCTV surveillance system helps to monitor our premises like office, house, factory, sales outlets and areas. CCTV solutions importance is gaining day by day in UAE emirates like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaima. UAE governments like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah governments has special consideration of CCTV surveillance system and They supports and encourages CCTV solutions in every premises. CCTV installation at banks, exchanges are mandatory in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. GFC CCTV brings you the best of CCTV devices with advanced mature technology which comes at an unbelievable price. Our great skilled CCTV Installers are skilled and deliver better services. We have been using the latest technology that brings you crystal clear pictures, day and night.

With all our CCTV products and workmanship being totally guaranteed, we have CCTV surveillance Camera Systems packages at unbelievable prices. Our expert CCTV Installation team of experts ensures that you are getting the best value for money without any compromise on image quality. GFC offers our customers the highest quality CCTV camera for home and Business CCTV Security Cameras which brings you complete CCTV surveillance systems to keep safe your premises.

With CCTV surveillance Camera Installation, you can view the videos through the monitor or from your TV or Computer. If you will link CCTV DVR or CCTV recorder to the internet, you can view CCTV footages from iPhone, iPad, PC, Linux, blackberry and android

it is possible to be linked CCTV Security surveillance Cameras with an intrusion alarm system to give you tightened security. You will get an alert when alarm is triggered and you can view the live CCTV videos immediately on your phone. CCTV is Universal in USA and their police department says that CCTV is a principal weapon to fight against crime. CCTV can be used to keep safe your business or your residence against robbery and theft.


Samsung CCTV Solutions

Samsung is the one of the market leader CCTV security business in the world.  Samson CCTV has significant market share in the CCTV industry in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi in UAE.  Many well-known supermarkets installed Samsung CCTV cameras and Samsung CCTV recorders.  If you will visit most of the big malls, you can see installed Samsung CCTV cameras.   Samsung CCTV is gaining popularity because of their brand name.  More than that Samsung CCTV provides unbelievable durability and quality.  In our experience, most of the customers willing to deploy Samsung CCTV products, but its cost preventing them to deploy Samsung CCTV products and they will choose cheaper CCTV products.

Hikvision CCTV Solutions

hikvision is number one complete video solution provider in world. it has wide range of products. hikvision is one of the major player in cctv industry in dubai, uae. hikvision turbohd solution is widely diployed here in dubai, uae, because of its exceptional quality and decent viewing app for apple mobile, laptop, android and windows laptops

Dahua CCTV Solutions

Dahua also catching dubai market after hikvision. It provides best quality at very good price.

Why you choose us as CCTV security camera Installation provider in Dubai

We are here in dubai for five years and we done many cctv security camera installation in dubai, UAE. We are located in dubai and we are very accessible to our customers. As CCTV security installation company in dubai, we have very good track record. We are here for last five years and serving to many governments, offices and homes.

We provides CCTV security camera installation Solutions in AbuDhabi

We are located in dubai and we have number of clients in abudhabi. We do provide cctv security camera installation in abudhabi. we are one of popular cctv provider in abudhabi.

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